A Bullhorn Platform SDK app that allows candidates to search for and apply to jobs.
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Bullhorn Career Portal

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Bullhorn Career Portal is the next-generation way to share jobs and source candidates from your Bullhorn ATS/CRM instance. Download, configure and host your own career portal, or fork the source code and make it your own.



There are many ways to contribute to Bullhorn Career Portal.



In order to build Bullhorn Career Portal, ensure that you have Git and Node.js installed.

Clone a copy of the repo:

git clone https://github.com/bullhorn/career-portal.git

Change to the Career Portal directory:

cd career-portal

Install build tools and dev dependencies:

npm install -g bower
npm install -g gulp
npm install
bower install

Use one of the following to build and test:

gulp                 # Build an optimized version of Career Portal in `/dist`
gulp build           # Build an optimized version of Career Portal in `/dist`
gulp serve           # Launch a BrowserSync server on source files, building extensions on changes
gulp serve:dist      # Launch a server on optimized version of Career Portal
gulp test            # Execute unit tests with Karma
gulp test:auto       # Execute unit tests with Karma in watch mode
gulp protractor      # Execute e2e tests with Protractor
gulp protractor:dist # Execute e2e tests with Protractor on build output

Running and building with configuration

gulp --corpToken='[CORP_TOKEN]' --sl='[SWIMLANE]' --companyName='[COMPANY_NAME]' --liClientId='[LINKED_IN_CLIENT_ID]'
gulp serve --corpToken='[CORP_TOKEN]' --sl='[SWIMLANE]' --companyName='[COMPANY_NAME]' --liClientId='[LINKED_IN_CLIENT_ID]'

Apply with LinkedIn

Bullhorn Career Portal supports integrated LinkedIn profiles during the candidate application process via the Apply with LinkedIn SDK. To enable this feature, Bullhorn Career Portal customers must register as a LinkedIn integration partner, create and configure a new LinkedIn partner application and provide a value for the CLIENT_ID token in app.json. Note that the registered partner app should have r_fullprofile, r_contactinfo and r_emailaddress default application permissions for best results.

Additionally, Bullhorn Career Portal customers need to whitelist development and production environment IP addresses and/or hostnames in order to successfully connect to the LinkedIn API. A common development environment, and the default environment configured by the Bullhorn Career Portal build system is localhost, at the loopback address of The build system starts an HTTP Server at http://localhost:3000 when building/running locally. Since LinkedIn doesn't allow for localhost to be whitelisted, whitelist instead, and point the browser to the raw IP address.

iOS & Safari

Unfortunately, LinkedIn's JS SDK is incompatible with iOS 5+ due to the way that Javascript is paused during cross-window communication processes. Therefore, the Apply with LinkedIn feature is not supported in that runtime environment. Users will experience an apply workflow that simply excludes the Apply with LinkedIn capability.

Runtime vs. Buildtime Configurations

To maximize the flexibility of application configuration, all configuration-level integrations should derive their dynamic variables from the app.json file. That file can then be loaded into the application. The LinkedIn integration requires a custom ClientID in order to access the LinkedIn API. This property is defined in the app.json and injected into the app in the linkedInRun (an ng-run function).

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