Bookmarklet to add torrents to Transmission WebUI from Iphone
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Bookmarklet for Adding a Torrent File to Transmission from your Mobile Phone

Last Updated: 2011-05-21

0.7 - Fix for foreign characters in URL
0.6 - Remove google-analytic cookies
0.5 - Filter for possible torrent links
0.4 - Added Private Tracker support (cookies). Requires Transmission 2.30+
0.3 - CSS fixes
0.2 - Added webpage for easy installation
0.1 - Allows basic transfer of public Torrents to iPhone


These instructions already assume that you have setup Transmission for web access, and setup the relevant port forwarding to ensure it is accessible from the Internet.

To setup the bookmarklet:

  • Copy the server-side files to your Transmission/Web/ directory

    • If using the native Mac OS X this should be located under "~/Applications/". You can access these folders by right-clicking on the icon and choosing 'Show Package Contents'.
  • Install the Bookmarklet on your phone:

Usage Instructions

  1. Surf to your favorite torrent site.
  2. Click on the bookmarklet.
  3. The page will be modified to add a 'new window' icon next to any possible Torrent files or Magnet links.
  4. Click the 'download' link of the Torrent that you want.
  5. Enjoy the show.

Known Issues

  • After auto-updates the web files need to be reinstalled

FAQ Answers

  • Works on all iOS devices and desktop browsers (though there better add-ons/extensions available for the latter)
  • Provides feedback of success / failure when adding Torrents
  • Works with Transmission remote username and password
  • Support for Private Trackers (requires Transmission v2.30+)

Special Thanks to

jordan, @saltedlolly, @netj, @lidow


  • fork transmission_web files and install in ~/Library/Application Support/Transmission/web/ which will override the default for