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doctype html
title Bulma CSS - Team Cards
meta(name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no")
meta(name="description" content="Team Cards styled with Bulma CSS")
meta(name="author" content="")
link(rel="stylesheet" href="css/bulma/bulma-theme.css")
link(rel="icon" href="favicon.ico")
h1.title.has-text-centered Bulma CSS
p.has-text-centered.subtitle Team Cards styled with Bulma -
a(href="") source code
h2.title Bulma Team #1
p.subtitle We are the guys that made this whole thing possible
.level-item"", alt="") Richard Hendricks CEO
p When I'm not obsessively stressing about the fate of Pied Piper, I sometimes give lectures to school kids. Spend most of my time coding.
.level-item"", alt="") Dinesh Chugtai CTO
p I am the absolute best programmer at Pied Piper (especially better than Gilfoyle). My genius shines and guides the Pied Piper team.
.level-item"", alt="") Bertram Gilfoyle Chief Systems Architect
p I work on Pied Piper only for the advanced technology. I don't really like most people I work with, but they need me to put out their fires, so I stay.
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