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Knowledge Base for Bulwark Cryptocurrency
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How to run

Installing Python

Install [Python] by downloading an installer appropriate for your system from and running it.

!!! Note

If you are installing Python on Windows, be sure to check the box to have
Python added to your PATH if the installer offers such an option (it's
normally off by default).

![Add Python to PATH](img/win-py-install.png)

Installing pip

If you're using a recent version of Python, the Python package manager, [pip], is most likely installed by default. However, you may need to upgrade pip to the lasted version:

pip install --upgrade pip

If you need to install [pip] for the first time, download []. Then run the following command to install it:


Installing MkDocs

Install the mkdocs package using pip:

pip install mkdocs

Running KB

$ mkdocs serve
INFO    -  Building documentation...
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory
[I 160402 15:50:43 server:271] Serving on
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:58] Start watching changes
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:60] Start detecting changes

Open up in your browser, and you'll see the default home page being displayed.

To grab a list of documents for the page index, run this in the docs directory:

for file in `find *`; do if [ -f $file ]; then echo "- '$file': '$file'"; fi; done
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