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Added a README to say what's the difference with Dropbox SDK

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First release, whole API covered.
+What differs this from the DropBox Ruby SDK?
+A few things:
+* It's using the ruby oauth gem, instead of reinventing the wheel and implementing OAuth communication
+* It treats files and directories as Ruby objects with appropriate classes, on which you can perform operations
+Consider the following example which takes all files with names like 'test.txt' and copies them with a suffix '.old'
+This is how it would look using the SDK:
+# Because you need the session with the right access token, you need to create one instance per user
+@session =, APP_SECRET)
+@session.set_access_token(ACCESS_TOKEN, ACCESS_SECRET)
+@client =, :app_folder)
+# The result is a hash, so we need to call a method on the client, supplying the right key from the hash'/', 'test.txt').each do |hash|
+ @client.file_copy(hash['path'], hash['path'] + ".old")
+With Dropbox::API, you can clean it up, first you put the app token and secret in a config or initializer file:
+Dropbox::API::Config.app_key = APP_TOKEN
+Dropbox::API::Config.app_secret = APP_SECRET
+And when you want to use it, just create a new client object with a specific access token and secret:
+# The app token and secret are read from config, that's all you need to have a client ready for one user
+@client = => ACCESS_TOKEN, :secret => ACCESS_SECRET)
+# The file is a Dropbox::API::File object, so you can call methods on it!'test.txt').each do |file|
+ file.copy(file.path + ".old2")

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