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Twig for CakePHP

This plugin for the CakePHP Framework allows you to use the Twig Templating Language.

Apart from enabling you to use most of Twig's features the plugin is tightly integrated with the CakePHP view renderer giving you full access to helpers, objects and elements.


Download the repository, create a folder called twig_view in your plugins folder. Extract.
Alternatively: Just clone the repository directly into your app.

$ cd app/plugins 
$ git clone git:// twig_view

Vendor Files

Download the Twig Library and move (archive)/* to plugins/twig_view/vendors/Twig.
Alternatively: Just init the submodules of this repository. This will grab the latest version.

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Cache Permissions

Make the default view-cache folder writeable.


Alternatively: Set where you want cache files to be stored.

define('TWIG_VIEW_CACHE', APP . 'tmp');

Using the View Class

To make CakePHP aware of TwigView edit your app_controller.php file and add the following:

class AppController extends Controller 
    public $view = 'TwigView.Twig';

Now start creating view files using the .tpl extension.

Default Layouts

This plugin comes with all default layouts converted to Twig. Examples can be found in:



The plugin has support for themes and works just like the "Theme" view. Simply add the $theme property to your controller and you're set.

class AppController extends Controller 
    public $view = 'TwigView.Twig';
    public $theme = 'rockstar';

This will cause the view to also look in the "themed" folder for templates. In the above example templates in the following directory are favored over their non-themed version.


If you, for example, want to overwrite the 'layouts/default.tpl' file in the 'rockstar' theme, then create this file:


Using Helpers inside Templates

All helper objects are available inside a view and can be used like any other variable inside Twig.

{{ time.nice(user.created) }}

... where ...

{{ time.nice(user.created) }}
    ^    ^    ^    ^____key
    |    |    |____array (from $this->set() or loop)
    |    |_____ method
    |______ helper

Which is the equivalent of writing:

<?php echo $this->Time->nice($user['created']); ?>

A more complex example, FormHelper inputs:

 form.input('message', {
   'label': 'Your message',
   'error': {
     'notempty': 'Please enter a message'

Referencing View Elements

Elements must be .tpl files and are parsed as Twig templates. Using .ctp is not possible. In exchange for this limitation you can import elements as easy as this:

{{ element 'sidebar/about' }}

Translating Strings

The trans filter can be used on any string and simply takes the preceeding string and passes it through the __() function.

  form.input('email', {
    'label': 'Your E-Mail Address'| trans

This is the equivalent of writing:

<?php echo $this->Form->input('email', array(
   'label' => __("Your E-Mail Address", true)
)); ?>

Translating multiple lines

The trans-block element will help you with that. This is especially useful when writing email templates using Twig.

{% trans %}

This is my mail body and i can translate it in X languages now.
We love it!
{% endtrans %}

TwigView Custom Filters

This plugin comes with a couple of handy filters, just like 'trans', piping some core CakePHP functions into Twig templates.


Shortcut to TimeHelper::timeAgoInWords

{{ user.created|ago }}


Convert a string to lower case

{{ 'FOO'|low }}


Convert a string to upper case

{{ 'foo'|up }}


Display the debug (pre+print_r) output

{{ user|debug }}


Display just the print_r output

{{ user|pr }}


Display the value from a environment variable

{{ 'HTTP_HOST'|env }}


Convert byte integer to a humand readable size

{{ '3535839525'|size }}    //=> 3.29 GB


Formats a number with a level of precision.

{{ '0.555'|p(2) }}    //=> 0.56


Display floating point value as currency value. USD, GBP and EUR only

{{ '5999'|curr }}         // default, $5,999.00 
{{ '5999'|curr('GBP') }}  // £5,999.00
{{ '5999'|curr('EUR') }}  // €5.999,00 


Formats a number into a percentage string.

{{ '2.3'|pct }}    //=> 2.30%

Twig Built-In Filters

For a list of available filters please refer to the Twig Manual

Accessing View Instance

In some cases it is useful to access $this, for example to build a DOM id from the current controller and action name.

The object is accessible through _view.

<div class="default" id="{{|lower ~ '_' ~ _view.action|lower }}">