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Bumo Java SDK


Java developers can easily operate Bumo blockchain via the Bumo Java SDK. And you can complete the installation of the SDK in Maven or by downloading the jar package in a few minutes.

  1. docs are the usage documentations for the Bumo Java SDK.
  2. examples are some examples of a project based on Maven.
  3. libs are the jar package and the dependency packages for the Bumo Java SDK.
  4. src is the source code for the Bumo Java SDK.


JDK 8 or above.


Note: V1.x has been prompted for maintenance, and V2.x is recommended.

Mode 1:Adding Dependencies to Maven Projects (Recommended)

To use the Bumo Java SDK in a Maven project, just add the remote repository provided by Bumo to the maven configuration and add the corresponding dependency to pom.xml.

This article uses version 2.0.1 as an example

Maven remote repository


Add the following in the dependencies tag:


Mode 2: Import the JAR Package in the Project

  1. Download Bumo Java SDK Development Kit
  2. Unzip the development package
  3. Import bumo-sdk-{version}.jar and the included libs jar into your project

Example project

Bumo Java SDK provides rich examples for developers' reference

Sample document entry

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