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Guidelines for Use of Bump Trademarks for your Apps
Thanks for using Bump as a part of your app. We hope to build an open technology platform that is as easy and convenient for you as it is for your users. That said, it's important for users to be able to trust Bump and not be confused about our relationship with the many applications and companies who use our technology and marks. We've written this document to outline some guidelines for the use of Bump trademarks. If you have a question about using one of our trademarks that isn't covered in these guidelines, please contact us at
Referring to Bump in Publications, to the Media, and in Public Venues
Refer to "Bump" when talking about our company, our technology, our platform, and the Bump app. Refer to "bump", "bumped", or "bumping" when talking about the action of using the Bump technology to connect two devices. Refer to "a bump " or "bumps" when talking about an interaction using Bump. For example, "I bumped three photos to her using Bump"; "Let me look at that bump from yesterday to see if she shared her email address".
Refer to Bump in a way that might imply a false sense of endorsement or partnership.
Using our Icons or Logo in your Marketing or Advertising
Use the current Bump icon or current Bump logo to show that your product uses the Bump platform.
Use our marks in a way that might imply a false sense of partnership or endorsement of your product.
Alter the Bump marks in any way.
Naming your Application or Securing a Domain
We want your application to be clearly identifiable as a part of the Bump platform and ecosystem if you so choose. However, Bump is the name of our technology, platform, and applications, and we'd like to prevent any confusion on the part of our and your users.
Name your application something unique. If you'd like to associate your app with our technology, please use either "powered by Bump", "with Bump", or "using Bump" in your app name.
Feel free to include language in your app, in your app description, or on your website explaining that your application is built using the Bump technology and platform so people understand your product and how it uses ours.
Use Bump in the name of your application.
Register a domain containing Bump (or misspellings of Bump).
Apply for a trademark including Bump.
Using Bump Marks in your Application Icon, Description, or Keywords
Feel free to use the Bump icon banner on your app icon to let your users know that your app uses Bump.
Feel free to mention in your application description that your app uses Bump. Please use phrases like "powered by Bump", "enabled by Bump", "using Bump", or "with Bump".
Feel free to use "bump" as a keyword in your application listing.
Use an app icon similar to ours that might imply a false sense of endorsement or partnership.
Use anything but the Bump icon banner in your app icon.
Visual Design of Your Application
Design your application with your own unique layout and logos.
Mimic the look and feel of the Bump app, as this could create user confusion.
The Bump Trademarks
The Bump name, logo, and hands-bumping icon are trademarks of Bump Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other countries. To learn more about the use of Bump's name and trademarks, please contact
* These guidelines are modeled after those of Twitter. Thanks to our friends over at Twitter for setting a great example of openness and transparency.
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