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Changes between MATE 1.18 and MATE 1.20:
Changes from upstream since MATE 1.20:
### engrampa (archive manager)
* sync with transifex
* Add .a (Ar) support
* fix crash on exit after using Open With dialog
### pluma (text editor)
* Make notebook tabs scrollable
* sync with transifex
* pluma-notebook: avoid new file with double click in vertical scrollbar
* pluma-notebook: avoid new file with double click in forward arrow button
* 1.20: pluma-notebook: Fix: unexpected behavior with dnd selected text
* pluma-view: Fix: unexpected behavior with dnd under line numbers
* pluma-print-preview: Fix weird behavior with mouse buttons
* Fix: Pluma crashes with mouse wheel over a tab
* pluma-view.c: Fix: GtkCheckMenuItem "Display line numbers" improved
### atril (document viewer)
* Disable view presentation if there is no document.
* Allow changing the page of a presentation
* libview: Fix goto window in presentation mode
* libview: avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_monitor
* EvPresentationView: Render correctly on hi-dpi displays
* libview: Fix g_return condition in set_device_scale_on_surface()
* EvView: render correctly on hi-dpi displays
* libview: use css to draw the background of presentations
* Move custom css to a file compiled as a gresource
* shell: Use GResource for data files
* toolbar-editor: Add methods to load from GResource
* previewer: Use GResource for data files
* build: Add configure check for glib-compile-resources
* update resource for translations
* libview: Check number of pages when processing button events
* libview: Add check for pageless documents to ev_view_accessible_focus_changed
* libview: Check number of pages on ev_view_document_changed_cb
* Use GtkOverlay to show the loading message
* shell: Remove unused marshalers
* thumbnailer: Send error messages to stderr
* shell: Use GtkApplication to inhibit the screensaver
* shell: Port to GtkApplication
* shell: Use g_printerr instead of g_warning
* daemon: Port to GApplication
* daemon: Use gdbus-codegen for the org.mate.atril.Daemon interface
* shell: Use gdbus-codegen for the org.mate.atril.Window interface
* shell: Use gdbus-codegen for the org.mate.atril.Application interface
* libview: save inverted colors in a document
* Save/restore context when getting colors for a different state
* epub: allow to save epub documents
* epub: fix loading epub thumbnails
* shell: fix menu-accel for inverted colors
* shell: add keypad accels for zoom_reset
* Add zoom reset
* avoid deprecated GtkStock
* Check legal boundaries of accessible pages
* Translations update
* disable StartPresentation action in fullscreen if document has no pages
* disable ViewPresentation action if document has no pages
* libdocument: Use gdk_pixbuf_get_from_surface()
* thumbnailer: Remove unused code
* view: Fix page background rendering while loading
* libdocument: Deprecate misc_get_page_border_size()
* view: Use a rendered frame instead of custom border
* a11y: Return correct start and end offsets
* a11y: Fix crash with Orca screen reader
* libview: drop deprecated unneeded code
* ev-loading-message: Remove unused variables
* libview: fix text selection with mouse in annotation window
* libview: fix build without epub
### libmateweather
* Translations update
* locations: Add Feira de Santana, Brazil
* weather-moon: fix weird thing in comments
* metar: fix searching for string to parse
* metar: fix indent somewhat
### caja (file manager)
* tx: update translations
* remove runtime warning in usage of caja_clipboard_set_up_editable
* can selected all the search keywords with Ctrl+a.
* fix backgrounds and emblems dialog content rendering
* Fix warnings from HiDPI commits
* sidebar: Respect sidebar dimensions on HiDPI
* HiDPI: Convert Pixbufs to Cairo Surfaces
* general: use gdk_monitor_get_scale_factor
* list-view: use the cairo surface as a drag icon
* Scale screen dimensions
* icon-info: hash/store icons using scale factor as well as size
* file: support HiDpi for thumbnails images
* properties-window: support HiDpi for the properties window icon
* Support HiDpi icons
* canvas-container: listen to scale factor to invalidate icons
* canvas-item: use gtk_render_icon_surface for the DnD surface
* desktop-canvas-view: scale desktop workarea
* modify code error: end the statement with a semicolon
### libmatekbd
* Translations update
* Use gdk screen resolution for font in keyboard status notification icon
### mate-applets
* Fix cpufreq applet spacing on HiDPI displays
* multiload: add style class multiload-applet
* sync with transifex
* accessx: Convert icons from pixbuf to cairo surfaces
* netspeed: Use theme icons instead of embedded
* battstat: Load theme icons instead of pixmaps
* Convert applet icons from pixbuf to surfaces
* multiload: solving type mismatch in g_settings_set_value
* multiload: only text formatting to prepare for real change
### mate-control-center
* Add auto-detect toggle switch for font DPI.
* Fix screen geometry when snapping windows on rotated displays.
* Fix segfaults in theme installers.
* Scale cursor size for HiDPI when changing themes
* sync with transifex
* display-capplet: add css name for scrollarea
* Change cursor-size to 24px
### mate-desktop (the package)
* Translations update
* Add toggle for synchronizing QT_SCALE_FACTOR to GDK_SCALE_FACTOR
* Change default cursor-size to 24px
* Support background fallback on HiDPI
* mate-rr-labeler: fix font-color for dark themes
* bump version again to fix previous release
### mate-menus
* Translations update
### mate-panel
* workspace-switcher: support i3 WM
* Fix rendering of out-of-process window list with hidpi
* workspace-switcher: support metacity WM
* Apply fix for workspace-switcher
* hidpi: fix tray icon spacing with window-scaling > 1
* Fix out-of-process applet sizes for HiDPI
* Fix hide buttons make panel bigger
* run dialog: force icon size when loading app icon
* run dialog: fix expand of content on window resize
* Fix run dialog show-program-list enabling fix
* run-dialog: use F6 to switch between entry field and program list
* Fix strut sizes for HiDPI multi-monitors
* Do not down-scale monitor geometries for GDK monitors
* Scale monitor geometries down to device pixels to support multiple monitors in HiDPI
* Drawer cleanup and fix arrow behavior
* sync with transifex
* update mate-panel.pot
* Convert launcher icons to cairo surfaces
* fix rendering and removal of in-process applets on unexpanded panel
* limit size of panel-hide-button
* clock: fix weird thing in comments
* clock: fix copy/paste error which caused use-after-free
* fish: Install fish animations in fish-specific directory
* fish: drop wanda image from gresource
* css: use parsing-error signal to warn on bad css file or image
* css: Convert to GResource
* na-tray: Convert to GResource
* wncklet: Convert to GResource
* panel: Convert to GResource
* clock: Use new GdkPixbuf API to load resources
* clock: Convert to GResource
* fish: Convert to GResource
* libpanel-applet: Add panel_applet_setup_menu_from_resource() API
* Theme: consistant theming for applet drag handles in all themes
* Revert "panel-toplevel: Remove pointer boundary check in panel_toplevel_queue_auto_hide()"
* Accessibility: white/black applet handles in GNOME high contrast themes
* Theme: show applet handles on non-MATE themes
* Translations update
* Change GTK_CHECK_VERSION to match next gtk+ release
* applets: Guard against GTK scale-factor fixes on GtkSocket
* window-list: Skip setting size hints until WnckTasklist has items to show.
* applets: Fix runtime error messages
* mate-panel-applet: setup_x_error_handler for in-process applets too
* GTK 3.23: fix applet size allocation
* GTK 3.23: don't cut tray icons too narrow in HiDPI mode
* na-tray-child: remove na_tray_child_size_allocate
* Remove leftover from GTK2 that may play a role in cutting tray icons
* panel-toplevel: add position css class
### mate-settings-daemon
* Prevent media-keys bindings from swallowing modifier keys
* Scale OSD size correctly on HiDPI displays
* Translations update
* bump mate-desktop requirement
* Make setting QT_SCALE_FACTOR optional.
* Support background fallback on HiDPI
* bump version again to fix previous release
### caja-extensions
* Translations update
### mate-calc
* math-preferences: add window icon to Preferences dialog
* Init gtk before math_equation_new
* Translations update
### mate-media
* sync with transifex
### mate-polkit
* Translations update
### mate-power-manager
* add missing window icon to About dialogs
* Scale OSD size correctly on HiDPI displays (#246)
* Grammar fix
* Translations update
* inhibit: always scale icon to match panel size
* Inhibit Applet: Fix excessive CPU use
### mate-screensaver
* Translations update
* sync with transifex
* fix more GdkScreen related deprecations
* lock-plug: Only scale lock-screen widgets on older versions of GTK
### mate-sensors-applet
* fix save order of sensors v2
* prefs-dialog: drop unneeded space in general tab
* prefs-dialog: set a min_width for enable_column
* prefs-dialog: use hscrollbar-policy GTK_POLICY_NEVER
* Translations update
### eom (eye of MATE graphics viewer)
* Translations update
* svg: Fix offset coordinates when transforming SVG images on HiDPI displays
* Scale HiDPI images correctly
* fix some -Wincompatible-pointer-types warnings
### libmatemixer
* Translations update
### mate-notification-daemon
* Translations update
### mate-icon-theme
* mate: add audio-volume-off
* Translations update
* sync with transifex
* add a symlink for bluetooth icon
* add icons for touchpad
### marco (window manager)
* Translations update
* Fix cursor size on HiDPI displays.
* Fix mismatched enums in keybinding detection for switch-panels and switch-panels-backward.
* Fix move_to_center moving window between monitors.
* Support HiDPI window decorations.
* Correct resize popup position on HiDPI displays
* Fix frame geometry to avoid stuck resize cursor
### mate-session-manager
* Translations update
* Fix broken link in man pages
### mate-system-monitor
* Translations update
* fix crash on systems with pid 0
* Update interval text in resources tab corrected
### mate-indicator-applet
* Translations update
### mate-netbook
* Translations update
### mate-terminal
* Translations update
* terminal-window: Fix Session dbus daemon saturated
### mate-user-guide
* Translations update of content
### mate-user-share
* Translations update
### mate-utils
* Translations update
### mozo (menu editor)
* Translations update
### python-caja
* Translations update