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Bundler 1.1+ API

Merge pull request #71 from arthurnn/add_ttl_to_memcached

Add default ttl, 15 min to gem cache
latest commit 831aa0004c
@indirect indirect authored
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bin binstubs for rake and rspec
db/migrations Add ruby and rubygems requirements
lib Add default ttl, 15 min to gem cache
public serve static files
script Instrument puma thread pool
spec Make sure we invalidate memcached servers too.
.env Add dalli gem
.gitignore Manage the environment
.ruby-version Bump to ruby 2.1.1
.travis.yml Set Ruby to 2.2.1 on Travis CI
Gemfile Update metriks-librato_metrics
Gemfile.lock Update metriks-librato_metrics
Procfile remove process for task that doesn't exist update databases list
Rakefile Make sure we invalidate memcached servers too. use Rack::Deflater for gzip compression

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Getting Started

Run script/setup to create and migrate the database specified in the $DATABASE_URL environment variable.


The default environment is stored in .env. Override any of the settings found there by creating a .env.local file.

Production Databases

  • AMBER: The primary database, set to DATABASE_URL. Writes from web and update processes go here. It is also the FOLLOW_DATABASE_URL, so reads come from it as well.
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