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bundle-platform(1) -- Displays platform compatibility information
`bundle platform` [--ruby]
`platform` will display information from your Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, and Ruby
VM about your platform.
For instance, using this Gemfile(5):
source ""
ruby "1.9.3"
gem "rack"
If you run `bundle platform` on Ruby 1.9.3, it will display the following output:
Your platform is: x86_64-linux
Your app has gems that work on these platforms:
* ruby
Your Gemfile specifies a Ruby version requirement:
* ruby 1.9.3
Your current platform satisfies the Ruby version requirement.
`platform` will list all the platforms in your `Gemfile.lock` as well as the
`ruby` directive if applicable from your Gemfile(5). It will also let you know
if the `ruby` directive requirement has been met. If `ruby` directive doesn't
match the running Ruby VM, it will tell you what part does not.
* `--ruby`:
It will just display the ruby directive information, so you don't have to
parse it from the Gemfile(5).
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