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Bundler Issues


Before reporting a bug, try these troubleshooting steps:

rm -rf ~/.bundle/ ~/.gem/ .bundle/ Gemfile.lock
bundle install

Reporting bugs

If you are still having problems, please report bugs to the Bundler issue tracker.

Instructions that allow the Bundler team to reproduce your issue are vitally important. When you report a bug, please create a gist of the following information and include a link in your ticket:

  • What version of bundler you are using
  • What version of Ruby you are using
  • Whether you are using RVM, and if so what version
  • Your Gemfile
  • Your Gemfile.lock
  • If you are on 0.9, whether you have locked or not
  • If you are on 1.0, the result of bundle config
  • The command you ran to generate exception(s)
  • The exception backtrace(s)

If you are using Rails 2.3, please also include:

  • Your boot.rb file
  • Your preinitializer.rb file
  • Your environment.rb file
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