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Adding documentation for the --shebang option. Let me know if the wri…

…ting is OK. fixes #1475.
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@@ -70,6 +70,11 @@ update process below under [CONSERVATIVE UPDATING][].
a `bin/rails` executable that ensures that all dependencies used
come from the bundled gems.
+* `--shebang ruby-install-name`:
+ Uses the ruby executable (usually `ruby`) provided to execute the scripts created
+ with --binstubs. For instance, if you use --binstubs with `--shebang jruby`,
+ all executables will be created to use jruby instead.
* `--standalone[=<list>]`:
Make a bundle that can work without Ruby Gems or Bundler at runtime.
It takes a space separated list of groups to install. It creates a

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