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@@ -210,6 +210,20 @@ and then installs the resulting gem. The `gem build` command,
which comes standard with Rubygems, evaluates the `.gemspec` in
the context of the directory in which it is located.
+### GITHUB (:github)
+If the git repository you want to use is hosted on GitHub and is public, you can use the
+:github shorthand to specify just the github username and repository name (without the
+trailing ".git"), separated by a slash. If both the username and repository name are the
+same, you can omit one.
+ gem "rails", :github => "rails/rails"
+ gem "rails", :github => "rails"
+Are both equivalent to
+ gem "rails", :github => :git://"
### PATH (:path)
You can specify that a gem is located in a particular location

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