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Document the `1-0-stable` branch in the readme, remove outdated roadmap

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@@ -6,22 +6,24 @@ and all child dependencies specified in this manifest. It can manage any update
to the gem manifest file and update the bundle's gems accordingly. It also lets
you run any ruby code in context of the bundle's gem environment.
-## Installation and usage
+### Installation and usage
See []( for up-to-date installation and usage instructions.
-## Troubleshooting
+### Troubleshooting
For help with common problems, see [ISSUES](
### Development
-To see what has changed in each version of bundler, starting with 0.9.5, see the [CHANGELOG]( For information about changes that will happen in the future, see the [ROADMAP](
+To see what has changed in recent versions of bundler, see the [CHANGELOG](
-## Upgrading from Bundler 0.8 to 0.9 and above
+The `master` branch contains our current progress towards version 1.1. Because of that, please submit bugfix pull requests against the `1-0-stable` branch.
+### Upgrading from Bundler 0.8 to 0.9 and above
-## Other questions
+### Other questions
Feel free to chat with the Bundler core team (and many other users) on IRC in the [#bundler](irc:// channel on Freenode, or via email on the [Bundler mailing list](
@@ -1,36 +0,0 @@
-# 1.0
- - No breaking changes to the Gemfile are expected
- - We expect to modify the format of Gemfile.lock.
- - This should be the final change
- - This means you will not be able to upgrade a locked app
- directly from 0.9 to 1.0.
- - Bundler will automatically generate Gemfile.lock when any
- resolve is successful.
- - This means the bundle lock command will no longer be needed.
- - Bundler will conservatively update Gemfile.lock from the
- last successful resolve if the Gemfile has been modified since
- the last use of bundler.
- - This means that adding a new gem to the Gemfile that does not
- conflict with existing gems will not force an update of other
- gems.
- - This also means that we will not force an update to previously
- resolved dependencies as long as they are compatible with some
- valid version of the new dependency.
- - When removing a gem, bundle install will simply remove it, without
- recalculating all dependencies.
- - We will be adding `bundle update` for the case where you -do-
- wish to re-resolve all dependencies and update everything to the
- latest version.
- - bundle update will also take a gem name, if you want to force
- an update to just a single gem (and its dependencies).
- - There will be a way to install dependencies that require build options
- - We will add groups that are opt-in at install-time, rather than opt-out.
- - We will reduce open bug count to 0 for the final 1.0 release.
- - Some additional features that require more thought. For details,
- see
-# 1.1
- - Stop upgrading 0.9 lockfiles
- - Delete vestigial gems installed into ~/.bundle/ by 0.9

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