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Revert "Add simple cache to Bundler.load_gemspec"

This reverts commit 3d4163a.

Breaks the build. I'm reverting this for now, until we can take a look
into why this breaks it.
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1 parent 8b7b4f6 commit 6b45e28263181aeb1aaa94f99f96b9ad19ee6d06 @hone hone committed Mar 21, 2012
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  1. +0 −5 lib/bundler.rb
@@ -270,11 +270,6 @@ def read_file(file)
def load_gemspec(file)
- @gemspec_cache ||= {}
- @gemspec_cache[File.expand_path(file)] ||= load_gemspec_uncached(file)
- end
- def load_gemspec_uncached(file)
path =
# Eval the gemspec from its parent directory
Dir.chdir(path.dirname.to_s) do

2 comments on commit 6b45e28


dekellum replied Mar 27, 2012

@hone This was #1635 where it was agreed it should be applied in the 1.2 dev branch (aka master). I've actually been using this for a while, applied to 1.1 in my own environment without issue. Also master was building on Travis fine for a while. Might the last merge from 1-1-stable have introduced what problem you are seeing? I was hoping to see this make the first 1.2 rc. How might I help sort this out? New pull request reinstating and fixing test issues? Can you describe what problem you saw so I make sure I fix the same thing?


hone replied Mar 27, 2012

@dekellum The merge from 1.1.2 introduced a new test case, which was broken when I merged. We didn't check for a specific case on master before. When I ran git-bisect it pointed to your commit, so I reverted it and it fixed the build. The broken build is here. If you can fix this, I'd be more than happy to merge it. Feel free to open a new pull request.

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