Problem resolving deps from a git repo #1013

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Hello, having the following gemfile:

source :gemcutter

gem "mongoid-rspec", :git => "", :ref => '8cc4a009b92d2339d5f3'
#gem "mongoid-rspec"

when using the gem version everything works but using the git repo you get a Could not find gem 'mongoid (~> 2.0.0)', required by 'mongoid-rspec', in any of the sources

I have tried that with bundler 1.0.9 & rubygems 1.4.2 and with bundler-1.0.10 & rubygems-1.5.0


You are not alone. This is a bug. I'm trying to catch Bundler's Pixie Dust, once I succeed and the spec's pass I'll be issuing a pull request citing this bug - keep an eye on the pull queue and please test to see if it does what you want.

See also issue #324


has this ever been resolved?


This has been a problem since version 0.9 - I am amazed that it still persists. If you use mongrel/thin/webrick as your web server its usually not an issue. At least I only experience when running my app on Passenger. It's really annoying


Closing as duplicate of #324

@rohit rohit closed this Dec 3, 2012
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