Dependent gem's development dependencies should not be included #1067

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I have a gem, named foo that depends on the bar gem. Here are foo's dependencies (as stated in the gemspec):

# foo.gemspec
s.add_dependency 'bar'
s.add_development_dependency 'rspec'

# Gemfile in /foo
source :rubygems

Here is bar's gemspec:

# bar.gemspec
s.add_dependency 'httparty'
s.add_development_dependency 'hoe'

As bundler currently operates (as far as I understand from looking at Gemfile.lock and rubygems_ext.rb ), when I run bundle update within foo's project directory, bar's development dependencies will be included in foo's Gemfile.lock. For example, hoe is included in the Gemfile.lock and installed.

This seems a bit wasteful to include everyone's development dependencies and it is also causing me some circular dependency problems.

Any chance we could only load development dependencies for the gemspec pointed to by the main Gemfile?


This doesn't seem to be true for Bundler version 1.0.21. I have a similar situation where my Gemfile.lock does not list hoe under bar; it only lists httparty under bar.


It looks like this is not an issue anymore.

@mscottford mscottford closed this Jan 28, 2013
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