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"Updating .gem files in vendor/cache" is unnecessary with --local flag #1244

dchelimsky opened this Issue · 3 comments

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When running bundle install --local, after installing all the gems, bundler reports the following:

Updating .gem files in vendor/cache

This is causing problems that are not bundler's fault in our deployment environment, but it begs the question: why is bundle install --local writing anything in vendor/cache? If bundler is using vendor/cache as its source, then there should be no need to update anything.

$ bundle help install
              Do not attempt to connect to,  instead  using  just
              the  gems located in vendor/cache. Note that if a more appropri-
              ate platform-specific gem  exists  on,  this  will
              bypass the normal lookup.

This led me to believe that it looks in vendor/cache only, and not elsewhere on the file system. I think the doc should say "and/or the local filesystem" if that's the intent. I also think a vendor/cache-only option would be useful. WDYT?


Yeah, I think the docs need to be updated on that point. So far you are the only person to ask for a cache-only option, but I'm open to the possibility. :)

@indirect indirect closed this in d9dd6ed
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