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Bundler aborting installation without any hint why #1741

rkh opened this Issue · 6 comments

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See this gist. How do I go about debugging this?

Bundler version is 1.0.22, Ruby version is 1.8.6-p420, OS is OSX Lion. I am trying to install the dependencies for Sinatra (1.2.x branch).


Note: The issue is probably not that it fails, but that it doesn't tell me what gem is causing this failure.


Bundler doesn't support 1.8.6, as far as I know. Isn't it in the gemspec that it needs 1.8.7? :|


Which is why I'm on 1.0.22.


As far as I know, 1.0.22 also doesn't support 1.8.6, although I've never actually tried it. To get more debugging output, you can always try DEBUG=1 DEBUG_RESOLVER=1 bundle install, but our official policy is that 1.8.6 is unsupported. Good luck! :)


@indirect 1.0.x works great on 1.8.6, judging from about a year of experience of offering 1.8.6 on


@indirect if 1.8.6 is officially not supported by the Bundler developers, that's understandable but maybe it's worth updating 1.0 .x .gemspec to require 1.8.7, just like 1.1 does.

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