Source order is not significant in Bundler 1.1 #1793

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Between 1.0.21 and 1.1.3, the gem resolution order changed such that source order in the gemfile is not significant.

I have a project structured as directory of gems. These are essentially internal gems, but in some cases names conflict with publicly available gems. In prior versions of bundler a path '.' or path '..' was sufficient to give priority to my local versions. In 1.1.3, the version from RubyGems is used regardless, apparently because it has a higher version number. Similar problem could be expected with local copies of published gems.


path '.', :prepend => true
path '.'
source :rubygems
path '.', :prepend => true
path '.'

gem 'foursquare'

Should install the local 0.01, but gets 0.3.4 from RubyGems instead.

An obvious work-around is hard version specs, but frankly there are a lot more gems in the real project, most specified by gemspecs, and I don't want that level of hard reference.


Nevermind. It still seems broken even if passing blocks or reordering gem declarations.


Bump. Is this still an issue?

ixti commented Jul 11, 2013

Nor response given. Feel free to open a new issue with details as described in if it still an isssue.

@ixti ixti closed this Jul 11, 2013
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