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Bundler does a great job of getting gems installed. However, many gems require several configuration steps after being installed. These steps often do not need customization and many rails gems have begun to standardise on the "rails generate GEM_NAME:install" command. An analogous standard for non-rails projects could be "thor GEM_NAME:install" This goes some way to automating the configuration step.

When I am starting a new project or installing many new gems, I have a script which, after running bundle, checks for any new gems, checks if they have an install generator/thor script and then runs that generator/script.

Whilst this works great, it would be nice to encourage the standardisation of this configuration interface and I would like to use my script as the basis for a gem to do so. However, it occurs to me that bundler would be a good fit for this sort of thing. Firstly, any script that did this would need to keep track of the differences between installed gems and the Gemfile and bundler must already do this. Secondly, it would allow people to just run the bundle command (perhaps with a switch) to both automatically install and configure all of their gems.

No worries if this is outside the scope of bundler as it would be trivial to wrap around the bundle command instead.


I'd love to see bundler hooks (post-install) similar to how git does it. Patches welcome.

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