1.2.0.rc1 doesn't switch to java platform correctly #2043

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I started an app with ruby 1.9.3 on heroku, using the pre version of bundler


    ruby '1.9.3'
    # gem ... etc

Then I switched it to jruby, added new requirements for the neo4j-core and neo4j-wrapper gems, and started getting these sorts of errors (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11840132/bundler-not-recognizing-platform-could-not-find-gem):

Could not find gem 'neo4j-core (>= 0) ruby' in the gems available on this machine.

Eventually I was able to get it working on a different app, so I deleted my Gemfile.lock, and tried again, this time successfully.

I can post the complete diff if you like, but it seems like the only relavent change was "java" added to the list of platforms.

EDIT: also, I had tried reverting to bundler 1.1.5, but that was same error.



In Gemfile.lock change




That should help.




Triaging: Just tried to reproduce with bundler 1.3. Procedure:

  • Make a minimal Gemfile with MRI (using rbenv)
  • rbenv shell jruby-1.7.3
  • bundle
  • check Platform section in Gemfile.lock: both java and ruby are present
  • add neo4j-core to Gemfile
  • bundle

"java" gets added to the Platform section, and neo4j-core installs. Think this can be closed?

Bundler member

Think so. Thanks!

@indirect indirect closed this Mar 1, 2013
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