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bundler shall give `rvm notes` like info #2103

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I just run bundle command for more than 10 times, to install a project!

everytime I run it, it stops while installing some gem, because that very gem required some dev-headers or sth, that means I need to

sudo apt-get/yum install sth

So the loop is "run bundler -> check the error mesage -> google it -> install the thing -> bundle again"
I would love if bundler give me some hint about what deb package to install, some info like rvm notes


This would be beyond the scope of Bundler. Maybe there is room for a gem the queries some service to get known requirements. Maybe Rubygems(the website) it self should store the info or maybe even the gemspec is the right place.

I was thinking on how to solve this problem too tbh. The best that I could think of was trapping a gem build failure exception (iirc rubygems throws a particular one) and display a message that tells you to check that particular gems dependencies.


@rohit platforms vary, so do the local packaging systems (yum homebrew ...), it's hard to make the whole thing pleasant, I believe, but certainly there is sth can be done to make it suck less.

Say, bundle dryrun or sth to show me all failure msg( maybe a bit polished ) in one go.


The errors are different from operating sytem to operating system. Your best bet is to google for the error messages and hope something comes up. Bundler will never include a feature like this, as it is beyond the scope of what Bundler is designed for.

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