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accessing CLI from Ruby #2113

bryanlarsen opened this Issue September 28, 2012 · 4 comments

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Bryan Larsen Xavier Shay André Arko Kashyap
Bryan Larsen

Right now I've got code that finds files via:

 `bundle show foo`.strip

I worry that it's going to fail when somebody is running on Windows in some other weird environment.

So I looked for RDOC on the function to call to get the same answer. I quickly discovered that bundler really doesn't have a documented ruby interface. I understand that the command line interface is primary, and that makes sense. Perhaps there should be a way of calling the command line interface from Ruby.

André Arko
kgrz commented June 10, 2013

This may be irrelevant but RubyGems commands have the same issue. Only some of the commands have a direct translation to a module::class API.

André Arko

Every Bundler command is a method on Bundler::CLI, fwiw.

Xavier Shay

Let's revisit this for v2.

Xavier Shay xaviershay closed this August 11, 2013
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