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ruby version command should accept a version specifier #2213

sodabrew opened this Issue · 3 comments

3 participants

Aaron Stone Adrien Coquio Xavier Shay
Aaron Stone

This would be useful:

ruby '~> 1.9.3'
Adrien Coquio

+1 on this

Xavier Shay

This isn't possible to do in a backwards compatible way since we cannot alter the lock file parser to work correctly. Ref: #2228

We can revisit this once we decide to move to ruby 2. Please re-open on if you want this to be tracked somewhere.

Xavier Shay xaviershay closed this
Aaron Stone sodabrew referenced this issue in bundler/bundler-features

Allow ruby version requirement strings #13

Aaron Stone

s/ruby 2/bundler 2/?

Christian Mehlmauer FireFart referenced this issue in wpscanteam/wpscan

Spefify ruby version in Gemfile #267

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