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Already activated when using bundle exec. #2216

pschuegr opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I apologize if my understanding is flawed, but I don't understand a problem that I'm having.

My Gemfile specifies rails-3.2.8, and the rspec-dump-profile-customizer gem requires rails >= 3.0.0.

However, when I try and execute 'bundle exec rspec' with this gem installed, it grabs the 3.2.8 which I have installed on my system and I get this:

/home/paul/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p194/gems/bundler-1.2.3/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:31:in `block in setup': You have already activated activesupport 3.2.8, but your Gemfile requires activesupport 3.2.6. Using bundle exec may solve this. (Gem::LoadError)

It seems to come from this section:

require 'rails/engine'
require 'rspec/core/formatters/base_formatter'
require 'rspec/core/formatters/documentation_formatter'

So it seems that when it requires 'rails/engine', it's looking to the system gems before the bundled gems. Is this as it should be?


Please provide the rest of the information requested in IISSUES. Thanks!



Update: looks like it has something to do with using gems with the :git or :path location. When I use the published version of the rspec-dump-profile-customizer gem, it seems to work fine.


@pschuegr unfortunately, I can't try to reproduce this problem, since your gemfile contains many private repos. If you could narrow down the gems that cause the problem, I would be happy to investigate.


Ah right. I'll try and do this when I have a chance, thanks for looking into it.

@pschuegr pschuegr closed this
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