Uninitialized constant Bundler::Plugin::API::Source. #5409

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dekellum commented Feb 7, 2017 edited

Seems this issue has reappeared in bundler 1.14.x in combination with 2.4.x rubygems. See:


Its not an issue with either rubygems 2.6.x (2.6.6 in one env.), or with bundler 1.13.7 as I'm able to demonstrate here:


I think this is very similar to reports and PR #4981.

If the rake project can reproduce the issue, we don't know via travis, given that its pegged to bundler 1.13.x:


Cc: @hsbt

But here are some other reports of this with bundler 1.14.3:


We really need a test case that reproduces this, since I can't reproduce it on any of the ruby apps I have lying around


Experiencing the same issue on a rails app using rubygems 2.4.8 and bundler 1.14.3


I have just updated my rubygems to 2.6.10 and the issue is gone fyi.

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