config.gem put Rails 2.3-style engines on the autoload path, bundler doesn't #562

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(Originally from #551)

I'm using Bundler v1.0 with a Rails 2.3.8 application. I followed the guides to add the Rails.boot addition and the preinitializer, and then generated my Gemfile.

Everything seems to work after removing the config.gem entries from environment, except for one gem: Paths of Glory (, which we're using for our badge system.

With the following line in the environment file, everything works fine:

config.gem 'paths_of_glory', :lib => false

However, as soon as I remove that, I start getting uninitialized constant errors.

Note that I did add the :require => false to the line in the Gemfile:

gem 'paths_of_glory', :require => false

Troubleshooting information at

Then, @wycats said: This is because Rails 2.3-style engines are put on the autoload path (this is not the case in 3.0). We'll try to figure out a solution before 1.1. In the meantime, patches accepted :)

ixti commented Jul 8, 2013

Rails 2.3 are not officially supported (by rails team) anymore as well as Ruby 1.8

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