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I've added two utility commands to bundler for quick access to the Readme and Changelog of a bundled gem:

Print the gem Readme file using less:

# bundle readme rails 

Print the gem Changelog file using less:

# bundle changelog rails



+1 for this feature.


+1 for Readme

i created a bash function in the meantime:

function readme { cat `bundle show $1`/; }


I am sorry but I don't understand this fixed the error?


Undefined local variable or method `rspec' for Gemfile (Bundler::GemfileError)

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@gudleik can you rebase your patch on top of master branch and leave changes related to proposed feature only?

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This is a great example of something that would be a good bundler plugin, but that I don't have time to maintain as part of Bundler's core. Do you have time to talk about how to extract this to a plugin and provide a good API so this code can be used? Thanks!

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