Fix remote spec load when using multiple servers and a lock file #1523

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source 'http://server1'
source 'http://server2'
gem 'A'

Gemfile.lock: (Produced by bundler 1.0.21)
gem 'A', '1.0'
gem 'B', '1.2'

Server 1:

  • Has gem A which requires gem B >= 1.0
  • Has gem B 1.0 available

Server 2:

  • Has gem B 1.2 available

Bundler will report gem B 1.2 cannot be found.

This patch fixes this issue, however, I have no idea how/where to put tests for this case.

This pull request fails (merged 4d84925 into c076283).


indirect commented Aug 4, 2013

This was fixed, IIRC, around the 1.2 release. If you're still seeing the issue, please let us know!

indirect closed this Aug 4, 2013

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