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Latest commit 3720418 @homu homu Auto merge of #4113 - blackxored:silence-root-warning, r=segiddins
Check silence_root_warning option to skip warning on root install cmds

Adds a new setting `silence_root_warning` (environment variable: `BUNDLE_SILENCE_ROOT_WARNING`) that skips the default warning when `install` is run as root.

The warning is useful but I think it should be able to be disabled if the user knows what he's doing, it's handy when run inside Docker containers (which by default run as root), or other environments where root is used.

Also adds a new `preserve_env` option to `bundle` helper in tests which allows running commands under sudo with the `-E` flag (preserve environment) as opposed to the default env_reset. Without this, the command would be run without our flag which makes it impossible to test. There might be cleaner ways to achieve this, though.
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