Java API for the AkomaNtoso XML Schema
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Akoma Ntoso Lib

This is a java class representation of the Akoma Ntoso XML schema.

Akoma Ntoso is an emerging legal document standard for representing legislative and judicial documents in XML format.

The latest schema for Akoma Ntoso(AKN) can be found at OASIS LegalDocML. I have a history of AKN Schema releases since 2006, in a tagged github project.

The schema has over 200 elements, so I wrote a schema browser (which includes annotated documentation and diagrams) for AKN to make it easier to navigate:

Project Website

You can find out much more about Akoma Ntoso Lib at the project website.


Git clone and :

mvn package

There is a separate release profile to push the library to maven central:

mvn clean deploy -P release


For more information on Akoma Ntoso and ongoing work in this area, please see below.

This library is generated using JAXB on the Akoma Ntoso 3.0 schema.

Akoma Ntoso Lib is licensed under the Apache Software License v2.0. For a local copy of the license, see LICENSE.txt in this directory.