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A simple and effective environment created to collect data from a honeypot (kippo, glastopf, etc.) and publish them online (php)
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A simple and effective environment created to collect data from honeypots (kippo, glastopf, etc.) and publish them online (php)

You can find a fresh install of the 'www' part of the framework here:

I'm currently use HoneyStats as part of my site:


  • cd /opt
  • git clone git://
  1. edit 'honeystats.cfg' with your needs (cp honeystats.cfg.dist to honeystats.cfg)
  2. copy 'www' content into your www-root apache directory (this is the site, change it as you want)
  3. launch '' and '' or
  4. edit your crontab as in the first lines of .sh files to keep your stats updated


you can automount with fuse a remote ftp/ssh server (e.g. your web hosting server) and use it with honeystats (you can edit the mountpoint in the .cfg and remove comments from FTP/SSH parts into the .sh files)

  • - this is the file for the very slow queries (e.g. kippo passwords)
  • - all other queries
  • - wordpress related attacks stats (only txt files, not yet included in www)


  1. Integrate wp-sh (wordpress related attacks) into presentation
  2. Add graphic charts to the site
  3. Manage other queries (web attacks, list of wget commands, etc)
  4. Change layout presentation (www) to manage more tables with better look
  5. Optimize code and structure of the framework


  1. Add other presentation layouts (twitter bot?)
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