Examples for transcrypt
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Examples for transcrypt

You need to have Python 3.6 installed.

Install Transcrypt with pip install transcrypt

Create a directory like hello with two files named hello.py and hello.html

Run transcrypt to compile the example file hello.py to Javascript files: transcrypt hello.py

You get a extra directory named __javascript__ where the javascript files are located.

Start hello.html in your browser and test the code.

If you like to see a kind of tutorial for beginners in Transcrypt go to

  1. Alerts, Prompts and Confirmations:


2a. Inserting text into DOM elements in HTML5:


2b. Document properties:


2c. Changing texts with querySelector(All), getElementById, getElementsByClassName and getElementsByTagName


  1. Programming Cookies:


  1. Write documents into the browser ouput with document.write:


  1. Navigator properties:


  1. Location: Load, reload, replace files into the browser history:


Basics on game programming with DOM/HTML5: