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basic hpgl plt editor written in python tkinter
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basic hpgl plt editor written in python & tkinter

The generated .plt files work on the engraver I have available, probably not standard hpgl code. That being said, it does open random plt files I found on the internet.

Image of Yaktocat


key description
H Pan around the screen with the mouse, (click & drag)
HOME Return to home (0,0) position.
C Draw Circle. Mouse to position. Mouse wheel to adjust size. ENTER to finish.
L Draw Line. Click for first point, then click again for end point. ESC to finish.
S Scale drawing using mouse wheel.
M Move selected
ESC Clear commands, go back to select mode.
T Text Mode. Align with mouse, and start typing. Enter to finish.
DEL When lines are selected, deletes them
Ctrl When this is pressed, lines don't snap to eachother


True Type fonts can be used, it parses the fonts folder to find them. Some work, some don't, depending on how complex they are.

Visualize plot

You can use this menu option to visualize the path the plotter is going to take. You can hit ESC to cancel the simulation.


I implemented basic support for changing pens. The engraver I tested on doesn't support this option, but it should work. You select the lines you want to be a different pen, and then use the menu to change them. Everything is drawn in pen 1 by default.

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