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Posix C framework for controlling IQ motors

This repository contains a set of simplified APIs for the IQ Control motor libraries.

I found the native .cpp docs for the IQ Control motor libraries to be a bit confusing, so I wrote iqmotor.c to create a set of simplified APIs for motion control.

The libraries also implement all the "low level serial interface" stuff that is omitted from the IQ Control documentation. Of course their docs try to be as generic as possible, so this implementation makes the following assumptions about your environment:

  • You're running under Linux
  • You're using a USB-to-serial adapter (like the FTDI TTL-232R-RPi), and that it appears at a device node like /dev/ttyUSB0
  • You're using the command line

The file simplest_demo.cpp is a good starting point to understand the API. Each motor you're using will require its own serial cable (the full CPP library apparently supports chaining multiple motors on a single serial interface, but I could never figure out how to get that to work).

Each motor needs a control structure:

  struct iqMotor *motor0;

And the control structure should be initialized exactly once:

  motor0 = iqCreateMotor( "/dev/ttyUSB0" );

Once the control structure has been allocated, you can pass it as an argument to a library of functions, for example:

  iqSetAngle(motor0, 3.14 * 10, 2000);

This command will turn the motor 5 revolutions (one rev = 2 * pi) over a period of two seconds.

The API docs are kept up to date in iqmotor.h, you can find information on other simple C API functions implemented so far there.


Posix C framework for controlling IQ motors




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