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Verilog code for the NeTV FPGA. Andrew "bunnie" Huang.

Please pay attention to the version number embedded inside hdmi_overlay.v. This, along with the version notes, will inform you as to the latest status of the code.

The code as checked-in is structured according to how the Xilinx ISE tools placed my code when using the PlanAhead flow. 

This was most recently compiled using ISE Design Suite 13.3 (as of May 2012).

All of the code in here is licensed under a BSD license. Functional elements are licensed under an XL-1.0 license (patents awarded that use this code in any way are automatically irrevocably cross-licensed to me without limitation, and through that license I grant all parties that may use this code an automatic cross-license; likewise, any patents I may hold or be awarded on this code are automatically cross-licensed to you). Note there is no warranty for this code, express or implied.