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What is it?

It's a project that allows you to access bunq's public API using Postman.

How does one use it?

  1. Get Postman
  2. Run it. Don't bother signing in if you don't want to, there's a small link on the bottom to skip. This project does not use any of Postman's cloud features.
  3. Click Import button in top left and drag all the files from the project there
  4. In top right corner select your environment (sandbox or production).
  5. If you selected sandbox, run Create a sandbox user request. It will automatically save your API key to the environment.
  6. If you selected production, edit the environment using the "eye" icon. Set "current value" of api_key to your API key.
  7. Run Create an installation, Add the device, Add a session in that order. They will create everything needed for using public API, including RSA keys, session and installation tokens. For you reference all those values will be set in the environment.
  8. Run GET - List monetary accounts to check that everything is working properly. If it does, you can modify that request to do whatever you wanted to do and "Save as" for your future use.

How does it work?

Postman has two javascript features: "Pre-request Script" and "Tests" that can get and set environment variables. Every pre-request script includes a minimized RSA javascript library (jsrsasign) and some code to make signing work. Also, "Tests" save all the interesting values from responses such as tokens so that they can be used in subsequent requests. Voila!