A minimalistic Scala language-server
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A minimalistic Scala language-server based on akka-http and Scala's presentation compiler.

Written as a back-end for the neovim-scalavista Neovim plugin and the vscode-scalavista Visual Studio Code extension.

(If anyone wants to contribute similar plugins for Atom or Sublime Text, that would be great!)


Download the fat jar for your desired Scala version (only 2.11 and 2.12 are currently supported) from the latest release.


Start a scalavista-server instance from the root of your project by executing

java -jar /path/to/scalavista-server-*.jar [options]

(It may be more convenient to put this into a simple launcher script.)

Use --help to see a list of options.

If you want to work on multiple separate projects at the same time, you can use the --port option to run one server instance per project.

For an optimal experience use the sbt-scalavista plugin to generate a scalavista.json file for your project. This is a plain json file with the following fields:

  1. classpath - a list of dependencies;
  2. scalaBinaryVersion - "2.11" or "2.12";
  3. sources - a list of Scala or Java source files;
  4. scalacOptions - a list of scalac compiler options.

In the absence of a scalavista.json file, scalavista-server will pick up any *.scala or *.java files in the directory where the server was launched or any of its subdirectories. External dependencies are only picked up if they reside in a lib subfolder of where the server was launched.


This project is in alpha stage and should be considered unstable.