A command line tool for upgrading every outdated app installed by Homebrew Cask
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brew-cask-upgrade is a command-line tool for upgrading every outdated app installed by Homebrew Cask.

Homebrew Cask extends Homebrew and brings its elegance, simplicity, and speed to the installation and management of GUI macOS applications and large binaries alike.

brew-cask-upgrade is an external command to replace the native upgrade by offering interactivity, an improved interface, and higher granularity of what to upgrade.


brew tap buo/cask-upgrade


Upgrade outdated apps:

brew cu

Upgrade a specific app:

brew cu [CASK]

While running the brew cu command without any other further options, the script automatically runs brew update to get latest versions of all the installed casks (this can be disabled, see options below).

Apps with auto-update

If the app has the auto update functionality (they ask you themselves, if you want to upgrade them), they are not upgraded while running brew cu. If you want to upgrade them, pass --all option to include also those kind of apps.

Please note, that if you update the apps using their auto-update functionality, that change will not reflect in the brew cu script! Tracked version gets only updated, when the app is upgraded through brew cu --all.


Usage: brew cu [CASK] [options]
    -a, --all             Include apps that auto-update in the upgrade.
        --cleanup         Cleans up cached downloads and tracker symlinks after
    -f  --force           Include apps that are marked as latest
                          (i.e. force-reinstall them).
        --no-brew-update  Prevent auto-update of Homebrew, taps, and formulae
                          before checking outdated apps.
    -y, --yes             Update all outdated apps; answer yes to updating packages.
    -q, --quiet           Do not show information about installed apps or current options.

Display usage instructions:

brew help cu