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jQuery Fullscreen Editor
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jQuery Fullscreen Editor

A lightweight jQuery plugin that prettifies and transforms text fields into fullscreen text editors with two different transition options.



Add jQuery (1.7 or above), [jquery.fseditor.min.js] and [fseditor.css] to your project.

Basic usage

Simply initialize the plugin with the selector of your textfield.



The following is a list of available options. The values are their defaults within the plugin.

  overlay: true,
  expandOnFocus: false,
  transition: '', // 'fade', 'slide-in',
  placeholder: '',
  maxWidth: '', // maximum width of the editor on fullscreen mode
  maxHeight: '', // maximum height of the editor on fullscreen mode,
  onExpand: function() {}, // on switch to fullscreen mode callback
  onMinimize: function() {} // on switch to inline mode callback

Public Methods

Following methods will help you to call function inside the plugin.

expand() : Triggers fullscreen mode

minimize() : Minimize the editor (inline mode)

destroy() : Removes the plugin completely and brings the native textfield back.

Example usage:


What's next?

  • Semi-rich WYSIWYG functionality
  • Syntax highlighting


© 2013, Burak Son. Released under the MIT License.

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