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@sertansenturk sertansenturk released this Jan 24, 2016 · 48 commits to master since this release


Tools to generate MusicXML scores from SymbTr txt and mu2 files.


import os
from musicxmlconverter.symbtr2musicxml import symbtrscore

txtpath = 'path_to_symbtr_txt_file'
mu2path = 'path_to_symbtr_mu2_file'

# the symbtr-name without the extension, can be omitted if the original filename is kept
symbtrname = 'kurdilihicazkar--sarki--agiraksak--ehl-i_askin--tatyos_efendi'

# the related musicbrainz mbid is supplied as a url
mbid_url = '' 

# output path
outpath = 'path_to_symbtr_musicxml_output_file'

piece = symbtrscore(txtpath, mu2path, symbtrname=symbtrname, mbid_url=mbid_url) #txt info is fetched and attributes are calculated
xmlstr = piece.convertsymbtr2xml()  # xml conversion; outputs the xml score as string
piece.writexml(outpath)  # you can also save the score to a file after calling the conversion method above

You can refer to demo.ipynb for an interactive demo.


If you want to install musicxmlconverter, it is recommended to install musicxmlconverter and its dependencies into a virtualenv. In the terminal, do the following:

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
python install

If you want to be able to edit files and have the changes be reflected, then install musicxmlconverter like this instead

pip install -e .

Now you can install the rest of the dependencies:

pip install -r requirements


Burak Uyar
Sertan Şentürk

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