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Java Client for the EVE Swagger Interface (ESI)
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A Java client library for the EVE Swagger Interface (ESI)

Version 3.0.0 changes

After several years with many changes to ESI it is now quite stable, so we decided to move to a (hopefully) better and especially threadsafe http library: okhttp

This version also changes how the ApiClient is initialized, it now uses a builder ApiClientBuilder to create the ApiClient the right way. Here are two examples:

ApiClient client = new ApiClientBuilder().clientID(clientId).accessToken("some-access-token").build();

ApiClient client = new ApiClientBuilder().clientID(clientId).refreshToken("some-refresh-token").build();

For more, please have a look in the tests.

Maven integration

Just add the following to your pom.xml:


Versioning (Major.Minor.Patch)

  • Major
    • Major breaking changes to the entire library
    • May also contain endpoint promotions and bug fixes
  • Minor
  • Patch
    • Bug fixes without any breaking changes

SSO usage

The usage of the SSO can be seen in the main method within the test class net/troja/eve/esi/api/auth/

Note: The state should be some secret to prevent XRSF, please read:

ApiException: Bad Gateway

The exception net.troja.eve.esi.ApiException: Bad Gateway happens in the ESI on occasion, there's not much you can do on the client side except be prepared to handle it (e.g. retry). Some endpoints are more notorious for this than others. For example, the corporate contracts API regularly has this issue.

On a typical day in EveKit, one of my sync nodes makes about 500K requests across various API endpoints. About 2000 of those calls result in errors, and about a third of those errors are 502 (bad gateway). It's just something you have to be prepared to deal with.

Tests with authorization

To run the tests that use authorization you need to have some environment variables set, this information should not be published:


Client id can be created on the following page: You should use http://localhost as redirect url as that is the value used in the test and it also makes it easier after the redirect.

Create a refresh token for the tests

To create a refresh token, you have to start the class net/troja/eve/esi/api/auth/ with your client id as the argument or set the environment variables SSO_CLIENT_ID.

The url will open in your browser, login with your account and authorize the access. This will redirect you to an url on localhost, something like:


Copy the code part to console and press enter. As result you will get a refresh token, that can be used to run the tests.

Example output:

Authorization URL:
Code from Answer: 7z524J_PQZ1YjacS35d8JRkOVwNl-jCvn814xCrgeSm3Acc981lZWW0
Refresh Token: 0tr5SQ-piuKvqjFdDa765DESObTzWKUj5v63KjaL4cTAx041

Tipps 'n' Tricks


If you wonder how the paging with esi works, please have a look at the test src/test/java/net/troja/eve/esi/api/ there is a method pagingExample showing it.

Development on windows


  1. Download Cygwin from:
  2. Install Cygwin with the default options
  3. Run the Cygwin installer again and add: wget (web), git (devel), jq (text)
  4. Download maven from: (if you don't have it installed already)
  5. Unpack and add the "bin" directory to windows environment variable "path"
  6. Download and install Java SE JDK: (if you don't have it installed already)

Generate new source

  1. Start the Cygwin Terminal
  2. cd to the source
  3. run ./


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