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A remarkable single page Jekyll theme for your small business, packed full of SERP tidbits.

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Jekyll Business Sense

A remarkable single page Jekyll theme for your small business, packed full of SERP tidbits.




Getting Started

Install dependencies

$ bundle install
$ bower install

Run the jekyll server

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --config _config.yml,_config_local.yml

Moving in

Site Settings

Settings pertaining to the way your site behaves can be found in jekyll's default configuration file.

Open _config.yml and find the # Site Settings section to make changes.

Setup Custom Domain

  1. Update the url: block found in _config.yml
  2. Update src/CNAME

Business Settings

Settings pertaining to the operation of your business can be found in YAML files stored in the src/data directory.


The services block contains your business's service offers.

Use industry to describe a high-level overview of your business (e.g. Pest Control, Windshield Repair, Communication)

area-served block expects type to be Text, or an AdministrativeArea such as City, or State.
The caption pair will be used for display.

industry: Hiking gear rental
  type: City
  caption: Santa Barbara

The catalog block is used to display your services to the audience. You can add as many blocks as you need.

  - name: Windshield Replacement & Repair
      - name: Windshield Repair
        description: We can seal a small chip and some cracks in the glass.
      - name: Windshield Replacement
        description: We will replace the windshield.


Update your address, contact email, and phone

Add obfuscated email address

$ bundle exec rake email
Please type in an email address then press ENTER/RETURN

Update src/data/contacts.yml with the following pairs.

email-key: d05fIsWcv61GbThaN3FkOuL9mHXVnYgBQJUR8r2S7DizwKexqtAZMCP4Eoplyj
email-encoded: XhxWUXW@fIUzaNf.Xhz


The commitments block is used for options such as operating hours, and currency.

Use summary: to show a message after opening hours.
ld-hours: Operating hours for a business.
caption: is displayed on the page.
hours: expects specific values. See openingHours

summary: "After hours: appointments may be available upon request"
  - caption: "Monday – Friday 9:00a – 5:00p"
    hours: "Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00"
  - caption: "Weekends 12:00p - 8:00p"
    hours: "Sa-Su 12:00-20:00"

Omit the ld-hours: block for a simplified commitment message.

summary: "Always on-time, guaranteed."

Set always-open: to true if your business operates 24/7

always-open: true

og-hours: wraps open graph's business:hours property. Each day requires a new block.

  - day: monday
    begin: "09:00:00"
    end: "17:00:00"

Finally, don't forget to check out currencies-accepted:, payment-accepted:, and price-range:


The credentials block is for listing items such as licenses, or achievements.

- Commercially Insured for Liability
- "Business License: 100001234"


Update the photo gallery by making changes to the gallery block.

url: is the full sized image shown in the lightbox
thumbnail: (optional) is a smaller version of the image shown on the page.
name must be unique

- url:
  name: image1


Add testimonials by updating the testimonials block.

publish: must be set to true to be displayed on the webpage.

- name: Satisfied Client 1
  comments: Mi facilisis platea natoque eu, montes tincidunt nostra praesent ornare non sociis dignissim.
  publish: true

Deploy to Github Pages from Travis

  1. Point Travis to repository
  2. Configure Travis
  3. Generate a Personal Access Token from Github
  • The only scope needed is repo:public_repo
  1. Set GITHUB_API=<token> on Travis
  • Make sure Display value in build log toggle is set to Off!


A remarkable single page Jekyll theme for your small business, packed full of SERP tidbits.







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