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Matt Burdan

+1 (415) 652-0435

Security engineer with a background in digital forensics and networking security with expertise in large scale secure deployments on both on-premise and cloud infrastructure using automated processes while adapting to the latest technologies.


Operating Systems : Linux BSD Windows OSX

Languages : Golang Groovy Python Ruby Bash

Technologies : AWS GCE GKE Azure Kubernetes Helm Docker Spinnaker Chef Terraform Ansible Saltstack Consul git Packer Jenkins Concourse Cerberus Vault Splunk SumoLogic Phantom DataDog osquery kolide OSSEC auditd SeLinux PKI EnCase TheSleuthKit GRR Nexpose Qualys Nessus Nmap Wireshark PaloAlto-Networks F5 Bro tcpdump sops Scout2 DNS Suricata Snorby GoPhish


2012-2014 : Bachelor of Science; Cyber Forensics, Information Security Management and Business Information Systems; Murdoch University

2011-2012 : Diploma; Information Technology; Kaplan Singapore

2005-2009 : Guildford Grammar School


will provide at request : will provide at request

will provide at request : will provide at request


Lookout, Inc Senior Security Engineer San Francisco, CA January 2015 - Current

  • Produced weekly hardened AMIs for multiple flavours of Linux which all of Lookout Infrastructure is deployed on. This was achieved using packer and debian packages deployed through Spinnaker. This allowed us to achieve federal compliance.
  • Deployed and responsible for Cerberus - an opensource tool for Secrets management. This has been integrated with our CI/CD pipeline along with being used by all services for secure transportation of secrets.
  • Deployed and maintained infosec Kubernetes clusters running CoreOS. All security microservices were migrated to this cluster.
  • Created and managed entire PKI infrastructure including multiple offline Certificate and Validation Authorities, OCSP responders and our public facing certificates.
  • Architected completely automated vulnerability management system using Nexpose and Nessus deployed with terraform and chef within AWS.
  • Managed the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) infrastructure and responded to all suspicious traffic alerts with all office and datacenter networks.
  • Secured all Lookout AWS accounts using a mix of open source and in house tool hosted in containers and AWS lambda.
  • Architected the deployment of all security monitoring tools at Lookout. This included osquery, ossec auditd, GRR agent, scout2, security monkey and developed the process of responding to all alerts triggered.
  • Migrated all security tools from the DataCenter to AWS including internal PKI infrastructure.
  • Created environments for contractors to securely connect to our infrastructure. This included bastion hosts which are monitored, have secure key exchanges, fine grained policies that only allow for them to access the resources that are necessary.
  • Developed automated process to securely erased all sensitive PII data on our physical hardware during the migration to AWS.
  • Held company wide phishing campaigns using the tool GoPhish and custom templates. This allowed InfoSec to teach and promote security awareness throughout the organisation. This was deployed using Kubernetes and docker.
  • Member of the Principal working group for AWS best practices.
  • Member of the AppSec Champions initiative to promote security best practices across the engineering organisation.
  • Participated in the Lookout migration to AWS which allowed for our consumer product to have zero downtime and function within the cloud.
  • Developed a code review pipeline for AWS IAM policies in production. This allowed for a source of truth for all policies and the tightening of permissions within production.
  • Provided DFIR analysis to all potentially infected machines within all Lookout network's.
  • Created a tool (in golang) that allowed secure bootstrapping of systems from s3. This meant we were able to keep secrets out of plaintext repositories and into s3 buckets protected by IAM / bucket policies.
  • Developed an osquery table extension that allowed the collection of AWS tags through the use of a role. This allowed our AWS tags to be ingested into our security event system.
  • Developed multiple bots using AWS lambda functions with API gateways for various different functions
  • Developed processes and procedures for offboarding users. Often was responsible for offboarding employees with production access.
  • Helped remediate issues and communication with researches through our bug bounty program with HackerOne.

Newedge - Societe Generale Onboarding Analyst Singapore August 2014 - December 2014

  • Managed the implementation and onboarding of new client accounts
  • Perform initial sanity checks on documentation packages ensuring all activities are captured, accurately reviewed and processed in a timely fashion
  • Dealing with customers' requests concerning different changes on their accounts
  • Automated communication required to advise customers on changes to their accounts

Self Employed Swimming Instructor Singapore 2009 - 2014

  • Created lesson plans for all students
  • Facilitated the certification process within the swimming lesson
  • Handled all finances and scheduling management

Perth Duty Free Warehouse Operations Perth 2010 - 2012

  • Preparing and completing orders for delivery or pickup according to schedule
  • Receiving and processing warehouse stock products
  • Performing inventory controls and keeping quality standards high for audits

Dimension Data Work Experience Perth 2009

  • Configuring and deploying Cisco routers