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-Scrum PM v. 0.1.4
-This version is compatibile with Redmine 0.9 stable. Previous versions may not work due to differences in new Issue form.
-Scrum PM is a plugin for Redmine for Scrum project management. Redmine Version class becomes a sprint and issue becomes task. Most actions support drag and drop, eg. dashboard where you can change status of your task simply by draging it to another column.
-Some more interesting stuff planned:
-# Support for uml driagram generators railroad(Rails) and umlgraph (JAVA).
-# One click documentation generation (rdoc and javadoc)
-# Continous integration with cruisecontrol
-# Velocity planing
-1. Install plugin `git clone git:// vendor/plugins/redmine_sprints`
-2. Install Attachment_fu `git clone git:// vendor/plugins/attachment_fu`
-3. Install Googlecharts gem `sudo gem install googlecharts` (note. uninstall GCharts if installed)
-4. Run the usual plugin migration `rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production`
-`Change log`
-# Added in place edititors for user assignment to issue, added unassigned issues assignment to user stories, added stats to dashboard, small clean up.
-# Added burndown chart. User story is done when all dependent issues are done.
-# Added compatibility with Redmine 0.9 stable
-# Fixed issues with reassignment issues to version
-# Fixed most links(edit/delete/show)
-# Added status panel
-# fixed sprint <=> user story assignment bug,
-# added proper i18n for english and polish

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