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Magic Mirror Module - Automatically track and trace PostNords letters, parcels and pallets with your phone number or email
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Magic Mirror Module - Automatically track and trace PostNords letters, parcels and pallets with your phone number or email

Right now the module only supports incoming parcels. In the future support for tracking outgoing parcels will be included.


  1. Clone repository into ../modules/ inside your MagicMirror folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-Postnord/ folder
  3. Add the module to the MagicMirror config


  1. Run git pull inside ../modules/MMM-Postnord/ folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-Postnord/ folder


modules: [
            module: "MMM-Postnord",
            position: "bottom_left",
            config: {
                locale: "sv", //Optional, default is 'sv' allowed codes 'en', 'da', 'fi', 'no', 'sv'
                refreshRateMin: "60" //Optional, default is 60 min
                deliveredPackagesCooldown: "24" //Optional, hours a package should be visible until removed, default null always visible.

Setup subscriptions

In order to automatically track letters, parcels and pallets based on your phone number or email you need to retrieve an access token (hash). In order to-do that you need to run attached program called postnord-hash-generator.js after you have performed npm install. Which will create a local subscription database entry for you. You could add multiple phone numbers or emails.


MMM-Postnord uses a local database (db.json) which will contain you subscription information, such as hash, email, phone number, refreshed time etc. In order to run the program you need to navigate to your locale module folder ../modules/MMM-Postnord/. Inside the folder run $ node postnord-hash-generator.js help. You will now see what commands is supported and how you could run the different commands.


Create a new subscription

Run $ node postnord-hash-generator.js new this will prompt you to enter subscription id (supports phone number (example: 46727777777) or email (example:, country and language separated by SPACE. Please enter input like 46727777777 SE sv

Subscription input

List subscriptions

Run $ node postnord-hash-generator.js list, this will write out the database. Please ensure your subscription status is VERIFIED if not then please delete your subscription and try again.

Subscription input

Delete subscriptions

Run $ node postnord-hash-generator.js remove, this will prompt you for the subscription id you would like to remove (either email or phone number). Enter the subscription id and press Enter. This will remove the subscription from the database.

Subscription input

Supported languages

Default language is Swedish, but the module support english (en), norwegian (no), danish (da) and finish (fi).


Postnord Module

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