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Displays statistics like teams, stands, games etc from swedish hockey league (SHL - Svenska hockeyligan)
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Magic Mirror Module - That displays and lets you track standings from Svenska Hockey Ligan (SHL). This module use the API's provided by SHL Open API.


Obtain required client id and secret

You need to obtain your own application key and secret from SHL Open API by following the process here.


  1. Clone repository into ../modules/ inside your MagicMirror folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-SHL/ folder
  3. Add the module to the MagicMirror config


  1. Run git pull inside ../modules/MMM-SHL/ folder.
  2. Run npm install inside ../modules/MMM-SHL/ folder


modules: [
            module: "MMM-SHL",
            position: "bottom_left",

            config: {
                clientId: "clientID", //Required, your own API client id
                clientSecret: "secret", //Required, your own API client secret
                teams: ['teamId'] //Optional, lets you filter out specific 
                                  teams in your stands board. See Filtered board below.

Filtered board

If you dont want to show the complete stands table but rather filiter the board on your favorit teams. Then please use the config teams. Below configuration will only show Djurgården, Frölunda and Mora in the stands table. Team codes are listed below.

modules: [
            module: "MMM-SHL",
            position: "bottom_left",

            config: {
                clientId: "clientID", 
                clientSecret: "secret", 
                teams: ['DIF', 'FHC', 'MIK'] 

Example of filtered stands board

Supported teams

Team Code
Frölunda FHC
Djurgården DIF
Brynäs BIF
Färjestad FBK
HV71 HV71
Linköping LHC
Luleå LHF
Malmö MIF
Mora MIK
Örebro OHK
Rögle RBK
Skellefteå SAIK
Timerå TIK
Växjö VLH


SHL Module

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