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Cannot replay to breakpoints at mark index 0 #239

rjbailey opened this Issue · 4 comments

2 participants

Jake Bailey Brian Burg
Jake Bailey

Since ReplayModel always seeks to the preceding mark as the first step of the replayToBreakpointHitTask, attempting to replay to a breakpoint at mark index 0 causes an error.

Brian Burg

Can this be special-cased in the task workflow? Or, do we need to change the capabilities of replayUpToMark so that it may "destructively" replay to the current mark?

Jake Bailey

replayUpToMark normally replays until just before the input is dispatched, so I don't think it makes sense to do nothing if we're on mark 42, breakpoint 5, and attempt to replay to mark 42. Are there any cases where we would need the "non-destructive" behavior?

Brian Burg

I suppose it's fine to always do it destructively. We'll need to add checks in the UI to do nothing if already at the specified mark. For example, picking up and dropping a slider in the same place, or double clicking an input twice.

Jake Bailey

Those actually still do nothing after this change, as long as the input hasn't been dispatched yet.

Jake Bailey rjbailey closed this in 5530e9b
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